Kevin + Meredith Maternity

The funniest and cutest couple you will ever find. Kevin is hilarious and can make Meredith laugh with just a look. I had the best time shooting these cuties during our early morning session. This location is literally right off the road and just reminds me, it’s never about the location (although finding new places is super fun) and more about capturing moments. Since these were taken they welcome baby Caleb into the world who is the cutest with the best hair. Congrats you guys!

Justin + Alexis

I’ve been friends with Justin and Alexis for quite a while now so I was thrilled when they asked me to take their engagement photos. They are both the kindest souls and adore each other in a way that makes you love them even more. We had the best time driving down to this location in laguna and splashing in the waves until we lost light. Their smiles are so contagious, enoy!

Sanchez Family

The Sanchez family are so dear to me. Katrina is the sweetest, strongest and most calm mama I've ever met. She also has an incredible wealth of information for a new mom (can I still say that 4.5 years in?). Katrina parents with such love and intention and never leaves Jesus out of the equation. Her and David have a FULL quiver as they just welcomed their 6th baby into the world, and their children are a testament to who they are. I couldn't love this bunch anymore and it was an honor to capture them right before baby Cosette entered the world!



Garcia Birth

It is such a incredible privilege to be apart of a birth story and I was so honored my sweet friend Allie asked me to capture the arrival of their 3rd baby. I can honestly say the whole experience was absolutely breath taking, #cuethetears. Allie was amazing and I can easily say I think women are the most powerful creatures on earth. Make sure you grab some tissues before you view these images. 

Alcocer Maternity

I connected with Amaka over instagram and I was so excited when she reached out to do an at home maternity session with her cute family. I got to play with Julian for the first few minutes while his mama could finish getting ready and he reminded me so much of my own little guy! I love the relaxed vibe in these photos and seriously, Amaka, you are THE most gorgeous mama!

Berndt Family

My biggest desire since beginning Photography was to be able to bless other people when the opportunity presents itself. After doing Tiffany, Aarons and Eden's maternity session I was beyond excited to meet their baby boy! Fast forward a few months after Jonah was born Tiffany posted an update on Jonah. He was born with a rare condition called BPES, which essentially means he doesn't have the function of the muscle that allows him to lift his eyelids, and his eye openings are smaller and differently shaped then most other peoples. As I kept following his story and updates on Jonah I knew I wanted to reach out and see if they wanted to do a family session together, especially knowing surgery would be in his near future changing his little face forever. They very same day I texted Tiffany to see if they would be interested in a free session she has prayed a prayer that God will provide a way for them to have professional photos done before his surgery. We both balled our eyes out knowing how God cares about the small thing just as much as the big. It was truly an honor to spend time with the Berndt family and this session will hold a special place in my heart forever! I hope you are all enjoying your new home in Idaho! xx

Garcia Family Maternity

The Garcia's are new (ish) to California from Las Vegas, so when we talked about locations for their family maternity shoot we decided that mountains in the background, a field, and golden hour was a must. The close relationship this family has is so evident and they had me smiling ear to ear the entire session, I hope they make you smile, too!

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